postheadericon About Jasim

Hi, Welcome to Jasim’s Personal Message Center. I am Jasim Makrani. Though I am still very young however, I can understand three major languages of Pakistan – Urdu – English – Memon. The newest member of our Makrani Family is a cute bouncing baby boy (my younger brother) Luqman.

From the end of 1997 (about 13 years before my arrival in this World) till the end of 2007 my Grandpa had an another small business setup in the United Arab Emirates. My father had finally passed his BBA from Preston University – Ajman just before he came back to his native country Pakistan with Grandpa and Grandma at the end of 2007. After some time there was a marriage ceremony of my Pa and Ma in Karachi, Pakistan.

I can understand you are probably very busy doing important things, but if you want to be my friend, you can.

postheadericon Jasim running in monkey race during sports day

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

On 23rd November 2013 there was sports day  in Jasim’s school (Education Bay) and he had participated in monkey race. I have attached his video below in which you can see the left boy is Jasim who came 2nd place with very little distance with the one who came at 1st place. Although he tried his best which made us really happy.

postheadericon Another trip to Pearl Continental Bhurban

We really enjoyed the breakfast at Pearl Continental Bhurban we visited last time few days back. The same day we decided to come back at least once more. There was a big play area for kids so we could spend our time at PC after having our breakfast. We stayed there for several hours before leaving back to hotel in afternoon. You will lot of pictures of Jasim and Luqman playing and having lot of fun.

postheadericon Monkey Point Ayubia (Bandar Point)

After having lot of fun at PC hotel and having a great breakfast we went to Monkey Point Ayubia (Bandar Gali). It was freezing and we were unable to stop there for long time. Due to that we took only few pictures which I would like to share with you.

postheadericon Pindi Point Murree

It was around 3km distance from our hotel to Pindi Point which we traveled by walking and it was a bit difficult because we are not used to those conditions. After we reached Pindi Point we sat on chair lift. After that Jasim was sitting on duck which you can the pictures below

postheadericon Mall Road pictures with Jasim and his younger brother Luqman

These pictures are taken on Mall Road which is nearby our hotel. Below you will see Jasim with his cute brother Luqman

postheadericon Trip to Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban, Darya Neelam and Waterfall

It was our third day in Murree and we went for breakfast at Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban. Took some pictures which you can find below. Later we went to Darya Neelam and Waterfall. Overall it was a great day with lot of new experience.

postheadericon Second day pictures of Jasim and Luqman at Patriata, Murree

These pictures are of Jasim and Luqman taken at Patriata which is also known as New Murree is a hill station in northern Punjab, Pakistan.

postheadericon Jasim with his younger brother Luqman in Murree

I haven’t taken any new pictures of mine until successful Murree trip. You will find some cute and lovely pictures of both brothers Jasim and Luqman

postheadericon Cute Jasim with his Dada Jaan in China Town Restaurant

Cute Jasim with his Dada Jaan in China Town Restaurant

postheadericon Luqman with Jasim and Hadi in Bukhari Park

These are the pictures of Luqman with Jasim and Hadi in Bukhari Park on 16th March 2012.